How to Build a Mum: The 12-Step Program

Print this Page to Take Notes on As You Click the Links to Each of the Catalogs. Right-clicking and hitting “View in New Window or Tab” may help this process.

What Grade Is Your Recipient in: (Circle one)       9th        10th        11th       12th

Is Your Recipient a Lady or a Gentleman?     Gentleman = Garter   Lady = Mum

Step 1: Pick your Streamer Package – Cub, Cougar, Pride

  • Small: Cub
  • Medium: Cougar
  • Large: Pride

Step 2: Pick Your Mum Flowers Sizes and Back Border

  • Mum: One Flower? (Single) Two Flowers? (Double) Three Flowers? (Triple)
  • Garters: Regular or Super-Sized?
  • Back Border framing the flowers – Just Points or Loops & Points on a Single or Double Mum/Garter
  • If your mum is a triple, it’s a ruffle back border (no other option), with or without lights?

Step 3: Pick Your Mum Flower Centerpieces

  • Use a Plaque?
  • Use a Small Plush?
  • Use a Large Plush?
  • Should your plush be dressed? Athlete? Drama? Dance? Band? Other?

Step 4: Pick Your Flower Accents

  • What other embellishments do you want on the top part of your mum?

Step 5: Pick Your Homecoming Ribbon

  • Do you want the flat or the 3-D looped?

Step 6: Pick Your Specialty Ribbons

  • Other than the solid ribbons that come with your streamer package, do you want printed ribbons, metallic ribbons, ribbons with shapes?

Step 7: Pick Your Braids

  • Do you want a large 3-D braid on your mum?

Step 8: Pick Your Chains

  • Do you want hard plastic trinket chains on your mum?

Step 9: Pick Your Plaques

  • How many flat-style charms would you like on your mum?
  • What kinds?

Step 10: Pick Your Tier A Charms

  • How many good-level charms would you like on your mum?
  • What kinds?

Step 11: Pick Your Tier B Charms

  • How many better-level charms would you like on your mum?
  • What kinds?

Step 12: Pick Your Tier C Charms

  • How many best-level charms would you like on your mum?
  • What kinds?

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Questions? Heather Martin – Mum Committee Chair


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