BYOS! Bring Your Own Stuff!

Make your mum YOURS!

We accept one flower centerpiece and up to four charms or flower accents that are completely up to you!

Legos! Star Wars! Harry Potter! Frozen! Barbie!
Certain colors you like? Get those items and bring them!

Harrypotter legoman r2d2






A few guidelines:

  • When you order your mum, please have your items ready to collect!
  • Don’t forget to detail them on the form you are submitting, we want to make sure we do it exactly as you want!
  • Please make sure they are school appropriate
  • Please insure they are small enough to count as mums, or big enough to count as a flower centerpiece. Charms are no bigger than 3″inches in width or height. Floral centerpieces will depend on the mum or garter size you choose!
    • Singles: 5″ x 5″
    • Doubles: 8″ x 5″
    • Triples: 8″ x8″
  • Please do not give us anything valuable or irreplaceable. These items will be hot glued, tied on or wired in and we cannot guarantee them.

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