Mums Home

CRHS Homecoming is Friday, Septembet 21, 2018
School sales begin Wednesday, August 22 and end Wednesday, September 5.

_main_imageWe can personalize your mum or garter with our own customized CRHS items!  Specialty items and Seniors’ items are limited in quantity, so order early for best selection!!

  • All orders require a $20.00 non-refundable deposit at time of order.
  • Balance due at time of pick up.
  • Checks are made out to: CRHS Band Boosters

Need to Know what a Mum is? How to build one? Click Here!

Know what a mum is? Ready to order now now now? Click Here!

New to Homecoming? Here’s a CRHS Homecoming 101 Brochure to Get You Started!

Mum Sales Dates:  Our Mum sales team will begin selling mum orders during lunches for only a short time, August 22 through September 5.

Upperclassmen: Sales will be set up during all 3 lunches in the Main Commons (Rotunda) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Freshmen:  Sales will be set up during all 3 lunches in the Freshman Cafeteria (Hallway) every Tuesday and Thursday.

Want to Volunteer and Help Make Mums? Click Here!

Questions? Concerns? Email Us!



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